Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Igigi features at BET Awards

Two plus-size models dressed in the IGIGI Crown Jewels Velvet Gown in Onyx will escort host Kat Williams in the opening act at BET (Black Entertainment Television, a tribute to urban music artists at the top of their game. They have once again chosen to use dresses made by the fashion house in a performance at the 2007 Hip Hop Awards. Actress Mo’Nique and accompanying dancers had previously worn Shimmering Dress in Silver by IGIGI in the opening act of BET Awards in June 2007.

Yuliya Zeltser, IGIGI Founder and Designer has said “I am thrilled that yet another IGIGI gown makes it on BET in less than six months. Stylist Katja Dandri of Dandri Design chose to work with us again based on the feedback she got on the design and quality of the dresses from the previous BET Awards show.”

The crown velvet gown is an original IGIGI design in velvet adorned by sparkly, elegant rhinestones. It is available to buy in the UK at

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