Thursday, 11 October 2007

Chico goes Curvalicious

Chico is back, and this time it's personal (well if you're a size zero anyway!!). The infamous star of X factor 2005 has released a new song - 'Curvy Cola Bottle Body'.

So have the more voluptuous among us found a new male voice to promote the importance of self acceptance? Chico would like to think so, he says; 'As far as size zero is concerned, it’s a real epidemic and it’s a real problem – as far as what I wanted to do, I just wanted to bring power to the curvy lady’.

The idea for the song came last year when Chico was starring with actor John Clegg in a pantomime in Brighton. Chico was unimpressed as Clegg stared at a particularly slim woman passing by.‘Some guys like their women slim and fast, but I like them swervy curvy shaped like an hour glass’.And so a song was born…It would be fair to say that Chico is not an obvious spokesman for the larger lady with his toned physique which obviously takes some man hours to maintain. It is clear, however, that he is a man of conviction who is prepared to put his money where his mouth is – much of his work including a BAFTA nominated short film is largely self-financed.

As a father to young daughter Lalla-Khira, what also concerned him was hearing young schoolgirls in the north London suburb where he lives discussing their weight and comparing diets at such a young age. With a young fan base, it is perhaps understandable and natural that Chico should want to reach out to them with a positive message.

‘I’m not here to diss anybody who’s a size zero. Some ladies and girls are naturally thin, it’s in their physical make-up. But if you’re meant to naturally be a size 14, and because of peer pressure and the media you’re trying to emulate your Hollywood hero, it’s just not healthy.' - Well said Chico. Particularly as the fashion industry has moved on rapidly (in some areas) and there are now the resources to look and feel great at any size, such as

I don't want to imply that there is a an ulterior motive at all, but with the size zero issue being so hot at the moment it also makes for a lot of potential female fans. Following in the footsteps of Mika, currently riding high in the charts with 'Big Girl (You Are Beautiful), it is definitely a proven way to get a public reaction. The band wagon may be rolling but it is hard to doubt that Chico’s commitment to the issue is serious. In addition to a record-breaking attempt tour of the country in a suitably named Stobart lorry to raise awareness of the dangers of extreme thinness, profits from the new single will go towards eating disorder charity B-eat.

The video is very striking. The theme is a catwalk show complete with a look-a-like of Victoria Beckham, the queen of size zero. Posh is portrayed as not being impressed with David ogling the more voluptuous catwalk models, who are still only a size 12ish I might add. Chico confirms that the models used are from a plus size agency which just shows how out of context the modelling industry is.

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