Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Exciting Changes

Curvety has launched its brand new website this week, and we must say we are very proud of it!! Just in time for the party season too. Come and have a look at our new look, fab website and give us your thoughts.

As we’ve got so many exciting changes going on this page will no longer be being updated, so please come along with us and keep up with all things Curvety at: 

We’d like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year !!

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

‘Tis The Season To Be Jolly

Right ladies it’s that time of year again where we’re all fretting about the latest crimbo presents and how big our turkey needs to be and the how Uncle Albert likes his vegetables cooked.

So in amongst all these worries it’s easy to forget about our LBD/party frock. Another thing to worry about, what to wear to our Christmas party ?

When you’re considering party dresses, anything goes. And at Christmas you can vamp things up to the max. Whether you’re having drinks out in a bar with colleagues or celebrating at home with family and friends, your Christmas look should be stunning !!

Sequins, Lace and sheer fabrics are all a big look this season and teamed with a pair of knock out heels and a few carefully selected accessories, you should be turning heads where ever you are.

Get the look with some of our faves like the BoudoirLace Dress in Red, The Luna Lace dress. The Ekanta Beaded Dress or the ever glamorous Garbo Evening Gown.
Whatever you decide to wear, everyone here at the Curvety Office hope you have a very happy, Safe, and Glamorous Christmas Season.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Oh My Giddy Aunt Rosemary Shrager Is Out Of I’m A Celeb

One of our fave celebs in the jungle this year was Rosemary Shrager and we were very sad to see her voted off last night.

She is a fab plus size chef and who is most famous for being a haute cuisine teacher on hit show “Ladette to Lady”. We think she did extremely well in the jungle and stayed true to herself and faced all the challenges with grace and dignity. On her last challenge before she left she was seen taking a bath in just her blue swimming costume to obtain codes out of a bar of soap, and we think she looked fab and was extremely brave as none of us would dare to bare our bodies on national TV.

The curvy chef spent 13 days in the jungle and said she “absolutely loved the experience”, and if anybody had told her how hard it would be “she might have thought twice about it”.

We want to know who’s going to do the cooking now Rosemary has left after all who else can make Kangaroos tails or crocodiles feet mildly edible ??

Friday, 23 November 2012

Miss BBW winner announced

On the 10th November it finally happened, the final of the Miss BBW competition and Gemma Cruickshank was crowned the winner. The 22 year old from Essesx put on a feisty performance in a teeny sailor costume to beat off the tough competition from 19 other finalists. Although this year the competition was opened up internationally most of the finalists were from the UK. 

The event is now in its second year and the rules dictate you must be at least a size 18 to enter. The aim of the event is to make larger ladies more confident with their curves. All the ladies were happy to reveal their dress sizes but not necessarily how much they weighed. The competition is all about looks and NOT what the scales say.

Some of the ladies had some real life experiences of being smaller but are much happier and excepting of themselves bigger. After all we all know bigger is beautiful !!

We here at Curvety would like to congratulate Gemma on her win and are looking forward to next years competition !!

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Beverley Johnson Welcomes 2nd Grandchild

On November 6th one of our fave plus size models Anansa Sims and former NFL player and husband David Patterson, announced the arrival of their second child David Bernard Patterson III.

He weighed a very healthy 8lbs 13oz and measuring 21 inches long, he joins baby sister Ava Brielle, 16 months.

Equally excited about the arrival is Beverly Johnson, supermodel an star of “Beverleys Full House”. She told people she was so in love and go straight to grandparenthood.

Congratulations from everybody here in the Curvety Office !!

Friday, 2 November 2012

Recent Marketing Campaign Causes Discussion

A recent marketing campaign has caused discussions in the office and on the internet. A retailer has asked people what they want to see from an advert and this is the response to the models ‘Too perfect, with too few wobbly bits.’ This has then lead to an outcry from medical professionals.
A doctor sparked controversy by claiming that a couple of curvy models advertising Shapewear Control Underwear are too FAT to represent real women and that 1 of the models is actually obese. In the doctors opinion is that “it is utterly wrong that obesity has taken its place alongside ageing and differing skin colours,” we completely disagree here.  The message is loud and clear: forget Twiggy and Myleene Klass, the former faces of all things fashionable, and instead embrace the woman you truly are, complete with your voluptuous curves and pudgy love handles.
The subliminal message shrieks that they are glamorous, glorious and – most importantly of all – real women who aren’t afraid to flaunt their flabby bits.
Who can but applaud, we are encouraged to believe, the recent spate of advertisements from the likes of M&S and Dove cosmetics in which stick-thin, taut and toned models have been rejected in favour of what are euphemistically known as ‘big’ girls?

So girls embrace your curves and flaunt your flabby bits and be proud because we are all beautiful no matter what shape and size we are.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Toronto’s Plus Size Fashion Show In Memory of Allison Shapiro Amar

This week saw Toronto host its fashion show but on Friday night was the first plus size runway show. Allistyle was the first plus size clothing line ever to be shown in the limelight of the fashion houses. Allistyle tugged on the heartstrings of the fashionistas due to the touching story behind its creation.

The labels creative head and founder is Pam Shainhouse. She developed the plus size line last year as a tribute to her daughter Alli , who passed away of Hodgkin Lymphoma in 2006 at age of just 26. Alli was a normal 26 year old who loved fashion, but cancer treatments caused dramatic weight gain, so her clothing options became limited. This is when it was decided the clothing line should be plus size.

Despite this some people in the fashion world mocked the show all the way through, including 1 gentleman who laughed and hid his face from the gaze of the camera. While others exchanged looks and cackled audibly. Apparently some were even heard to be saying that the women walked poorly because they were bigger women in high heels.

We can’t believe that people still think this kind of negativity is ok. All women are beautiful no matter what your size and believe your curves should be embraced. This lady has been inspirational and has managed to do what others have been trying to do for years and get plus size fashion in the limelight and on the catwalk.