Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Buddy Power

There is an excellent social resource for plus size women to chat and support one another. Until recently the site which is run by Anne Diamond was called They have recently relaunched under a new more user friendly name -

The website will now be focusing more on how the site members provide support for each other. Anne Diamond said in their newsletter - “I just thought it was about time we stopped defining ourselves by the word “Fat” and went instead for what can really make a difference – Buddypower.”

She continues - “I originally called it Fat Happens because I wanted to remove the sense of blame, of failure. I wanted everyone to understand that fat happens to you in the same way that shi* happens in life – you just have to deal with it and get on.”“But thousands of members have, over the last year, made me realise that the real strength of the website is the feeling of community, of beating fat (and the other problems in life) through the power of friendship.”

FatHappens has proved to be very popular with over 10,000 members worldwide so far. This is attributed to the buddying part of the site which is why the name has been changed to reflect this. So why not join and share yor experiences with others and make new friend. Its a great excuse to plan a night out with your new buddies, and if you need a new outfit you can visit and show off your great sense of style.

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