Thursday, 3 March 2011

Eastenders Guide - How Not To Wear Igigi

It's not often I report on Eastenders news but some of you may have noticed a little Igigi appearance on a recent episode!

So Heather is all set to be Shirley's bridesmaid and in true Eastenders form the try on session involved a few drinks and very little class.

Heather, who is played by Cheryl Fergison, can be seen here in an Igigi dress called the Modena gown in lavender, which is available in the UK at Although the dress is stunning, the Eastenders wardrobe team have definitely gone for the "how not to wear this dress" angle by tying the silk tie belt to the front with a big unsightly and unflattering bow, and some very choice accessories!

With the big day approaching it isn't clear whether this will be the outfit of choice but here's hoping they give Heather a day off from her frumpy costume choices and show the viewing public that curvy women can dress to impress!

1 comment:

Sarah said...

OMG what horrror! She should be banned from wearing other IGIGI dresses in the future for sure.