Thursday, 7 October 2010

Just As Beautiful

Britain has launched a new magazine: Just as Beautiful - the first glossy magazine devoted to plus size women.

“Just As Beautiful” has been created to give plus size women what they want, hundreds of surveys were sent out to their audience to find out what they wanted to read. It showed that many people wanted the same as a regular woman’s magazine should give, without knocking their self confidence.

The editors of “Just As Beautiful” have promised to only include ‘real’ women no smaller then a size 14, also completely ignoring diet tips and that no airbrushing will be used on any of the models images.

This magazine is aimed at women between a size 14 to 20 and will not use models who are slimmer than its target audience. It gives readers the chance to read more about plus sized celebrities, fashion, entertainment, real life stories and modeling and how to get involved.

This is not about ‘fat’ women it’s about naturally curvaceous women and how to come to terms with loving your body no matter what. There are amazing tips in the magazine to help finding the right sort of clothing and where to purchase it.

The editor Ms Thomason (who is a size 18 herself), worked on her body image for years, explained that one of their mission statements is to “Help end the current harsh visual obsession suffered by curvier women.”

“Appearance need to be rethought and placed firmly back where it belongs - in the entertainment section of your life, along with fashion and make up.”

If you feel anxious about your looks instead of being relaxed, it’s a sure sign that you need to change your mind and not your body.”

By Kelsey Knowles

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