Tuesday, 12 October 2010


Hourglass figures are round and curvy.

An hourglass shaped woman has a well-defined waistline and fuller hips and bust. Their shoulders and hips are equal in width, depending on what is worn and by dressing in the most flattering way this will point out the best of their particular shape.

If you are blessed with an hourglass figure then you are very fortunate. You have a balanced body which is considered to be the most ideal form. Your figure is the easiest to dress as most things look good on you. Now its time draw attention to your waist and those feminine curves!

Here are some DO’s and DONT’s for this shape and what we would recommend.


Tops: Wear a top that will enhance you bust and waist as most people who have an hourglass figure tend to have a larger bust area. Always make sure you have a bra that offers good support.

The right bra can help make a difference when it comes to enhancing your figure.

V necked or scooped necklines, tops that will lengthen your body and emphasize your waist are the one’s to be looking out for.

This new autumn shirt will sit in the right places and show your beautiful curves: RAILY RUCH SHIRT At only £33.00.

Bottoms: Shape your silhouette by wearing bottoms that will show your shape in all the right places.

Wearing jeans that are made of stretch denim will hug your curves and give a smooth fit at the waistline and hips.

Jeans that are slightly flared or have a wide leg will help balance out your hips.
We recommend the VETO POCKET JEANS 32" These gorgeous jeans are only £40.00 and are available in sizes 16 to 26.

When looking for skirts go for a ¾ length with or without split or a crease in the front which will make you look taller, thinner and sexier.

This sexy ¾ length skirt is exactly what you need: SOLSTA DENIM SKIRT at £54.00.

Dresses: As you know every lady should have a dress that they feel fabulous in. It has to be the right size and suit your figure.

For all of you hourglasses out there you need a dress that will draw as much attention as you can to those gorgeous curves! We recommend this beautiful dress : CYBELLE COCKTAIL DRESS This dress will pull in at all the right places and will show off exactly what you want to flaunt at only £120.


Stay away from any baggy clothes that will hide your beautiful curves and turn you into a shapeless line.

Any skirts that are too short will tend to make you look round and shorten your look.

Avoid tops that have large prints, checks and stripes and lots of detail around the bust area. This will hide your great curves and make you look out of proportion.

By Kelsey Knowles

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