Thursday, 13 November 2008

Natalie's YO YO Dieting

Written by Emily Robinson.

Slated in the papers for her fast weight regain, is Natalie really to blame?

Recently slated across magazines and countless internet sites, Natalie Cassidy has been seen back up to her original weight. Is she really to blame or is this ridiculous obsession to be stick thin the reason for her plummet and quick regain. Realistically no-one could have believed someone who is clearly naturally curvy to stay a size 8. She is being quoted as being depressed and in tears about her weight gain and im sure all of the bad press coverage isn’t helping her. It’s a waste of time to spend every second calorie counting and watching what you eat she should enjoy her life and enjoy her success but instead she is being made to feel fat and ugly. Headline have said how she has ballooned back to her weight and, ‘she’s the fat girl off TV’, but really she is just being compared to her previous.

Yo Yo dieting its self is very harmful for your body, your body is going from one extreme of eating large amounts to eating nothing back to eating more again so the strain on your body is extremely unhealthy. Natalie sadly will have regained everything in fat as her weight decreased so rapidly leaving a small muscular frame and her weight has been regained so quickly it will be stored as fat.

I think the pressure of the good press she had because of the weight loss inspired her but once she realised it was near impossible to keep the weight off she relaxed and settled down, it seems she is naturally a curvy girl so she should learn to love her curves like we all do!

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