Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Bigger Women Have Better Sex Lives

A recent study has shown that plus size women have better sex lives than their slimmer counterparts and the Mirror are keen to shout it from the roof tops by way of an article on sexy BBW's who rule in the bedroom.

A freelance journalist has been commissioned to write a feature for the women's section of the Mirror and has asked me to help find some sexy case studies. A new study has revealed that bigger women get more sex than their slimmer sisters which rubbishes previous studies which concluded that larger girls had a low libido, while skinny ones were more likely to be sexually active.

Gail is writing a feature on larger women who say that although they get may get sneering looks from other women about their size, they literally have to fight men off. She is looking for women who are a size 18 or above and perfectly happy with their bodies and their sex lives.

Case studies will attend a professional photo shoot in London where they'll have their hair and make up done by professionals. All stories will be read back before submission. For more information, please email Gail Titchener at gailtitchener@googlemail.com or call 07795 167902.

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