Thursday, 18 September 2008

Club Curvaceous

Written by Emily Robertson

Club curvaceous is hosting what is sure to be a classy, cool, electric BBW night in coco’s upstairs in Stratford upon Avon. With its ‘hunky hosts and curvaceous hostesses’ it is really going to be a fantastic night to remember and for the next 7 days it is 3 for 2 for tickets!

This exclusive night includes a Congo drummer to get your rhythm going and a belly dancer who will be teaching all you voluptuous goddesses some top moves. The trendy bar will have nibbles and a comfortable V.I.P. seating area boasting a chic atmosphere if you fancy relaxing or simply taking a break!

The evening is being hosted by Julie Lou Weston who launched these special nights. Julie is also a qualified photographer and will be charging a small fee to any girl who would like to have some professional, beautiful photos taken on the night either alone or with your friends. She is an expert at photography BBW so don’t be shy!

A lucky girl will also win this free on the night, you will all be entered so fingers crossed! However, if you are wanting to treat yourself book a place in the photo booth online and get 10% off the package price!

The night is on the 17th of October and tickets are really selling out fast! It is a great chance to let your hair down and make some new friends, everyone will have one thing in common you are all BBW and proud of it, the night is devoted to you curvaceous goddesses and it’s a chance to show off your confidence and sexiness and have a lot of fun!

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