Thursday, 11 September 2008

Back to Black

Written by Emily Robertson

Stella mcartney and Chanel have recently been sporting a cinched in waist, and a dress or trousers creating the effect of larger hips and a defined, shaped waistline.

For fuller figures this current trend is ideal, its highlights a perfect hourglass figure yet hides those little extras to show off your best assets. This autumns new colour is black, a colour that is suited for any situation, for that little black dress for those special nights out or smart work wear for impressing your friends, the colour is chic, elegant, classic and suits any age.

A perfect example of this is curvetys keyhole overlay black dress, the halter neck is ideal for those of us with bigger boobs and the cinched in waist adds curves to all the right places on your body. The beautiful bead detailing across the waist gives elegant beauty and this elegance is reflected in the flawless black colour of the dress.

For that definition of your hips seen particularly in stella mcartney's clothing this season look at curvetys high waist pin stripe trousers, they not only create a waist but they are shaped to fit your hips and they create a dynamic, stylish effect for that 'effortless' work look. The highlighted waist lines and hip definitions are perfectly suited for fuller figures and curvacious beautys.

With curvier figures these new designer looks can really be put into their element, with hips they are simply defined, with boobs they are classically revealed and with a waist it is defined, the clothes are merely hiding the sexiness that is in each of us. The colour black can be used to create drama or elegance, two opposite looks but they are achieved by the style and colour used.

For a simple day look the sweetheart dress in black can be dressed up with accessories, and for that night look the mock leather belt in black creates a sexy outline of your figure and a small black teardrop croc clutch gives an overall touch of glam to your look.

Try out Curvety's range of black clothing and experiment with looks that suit you, and to top off any outfit choose either a black or neon nail polish to finish your image, black to show glam and neon represents fun and creativity.

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