Wednesday, 7 May 2008

First Single from Plus

You may remember that last year I wrote about the X factor style formation of plus size girl band - Plus.

5 girls were chosen and the band was formed. Now, after months of planning, rehearsing and whatever else girl bands get up to, they are releasing their first single.

The new group featuring, Stacey-Lee Cuddy, Rachel Faulkner, Shirley Slaymaker, Kate Newnes and Hannah Lee are all a size 16 +.

Spokesman Kizzi Nkwocha, former publicist for the Bay City Rollers, said:

“Plus’s new single will symbolize the beginning of change for the music industry. It will be the song that opens the door to thousands of performers who were turned away in the past because of their size.”

“The average woman in Britain is a size 16 yet the music industry is obsessed with the idea that a singer has to be a stick insect in order to be marketable. We think that’s wrong, most of the people in this country think that’s wrong and, after Big Fun hits Number One, the music industry will have to admit they’re wrong.”

Their single, named Big Fun, will be available online at music stores such as iTunes and Napster.

The girls all look fab and know how to dress those curves. To get your new plus size outfit visit for a great selection in sizes 16 to 36.

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