Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Real Curves Slated Online

Recently pubished photo's of the beautiful and curvy wife of Pierce Brosnan have caused a nasty stir which proves that it is still seen by some as acceptable to slate the plus size.

Keely Shaye Smith, former soap star and wife to 007 actor Pierce Brosnan, was last week pictured on the beach in Hawaii, daring to show her curvy figure in a bikini. ran with now and then pics of the happy couple, with the earlier pic showing a slim Keely. The title read 'Double Oh No! Pierce Brosnan and his wife, Keely Shaye Smith, had a whale of a time on the island of Kauai on Wednesday'.

While it is not politically correct to judge by race, gender or social standing, it is still deemed ok by some in the media to be down right rude about weight. I was gladdened to see that most of the readers on the TMZ site were commenting on how beautiful she looked in the beach shot & how wrong TMZ were for their nastiness.

'I think it's great that she is proud of her body,' said S. Tia Brown, senior editor for InTouch Weekly. 'To be in a photo in a bikini in your 40s and not be petite, speaks to her confidence. It takes even more courage because her husband is considered a sex symbol.'

Her husband, who played James Bond and has been called 'the sexiest man alive,' said he thought his wife was stunning. 'I love my wife's curves,' Brosnan told Vogue.

'I never shy away from color or my curves,' the beautiful Smith told a magazine. 'I like to play up my neckline and shoulders. If a jacket is pulling in the bust, I might just move the button an inch. But I never hide in baggy clothing.'

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