Thursday, 31 January 2008

Is Spring in the Air?

Ok, firstly I'll admit that looking out of the window today is not filling me with the joys of Spring. However, when walking the dog over the last few days I have been surprised to see the sprouting of tulips and other spring flowers along my way. Apart from the odd day (like today) the weather has been pleasantly mild for the time of year - so I thought it time to turn my thoughts to Spring/Summer fashion.

Spring promises a soft and feminine feel in fashion, with sheer silk dresses which are so delicate they will dance at a hint of summer breeze. Following the success of purple in Winter, Spring will bring a new lighter shade - violet, which will be a key colour in all tones. Even denim will be turning soft, in faded blue washes and wispy frayed seams. Floral & safari patterns, and indulgent hand painted fabrics will also be out in force. So get girly this season, and for some plus size fashion essentials try

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