Thursday, 21 June 2007

Kate Winslet refuses Lancome touch up

For most A-Listers airbrushing is the way of maintaining the illusion of unrealistic perfect looks which pressure young girls of today.

Oscar-winning actress Kate Winslet was recently revealed as the face of LancĂ´me’s Tresor perfume. But she only accepted the modelling gig if the company promised not to airbrush her for the poster campaign.

Anna Winslet, Kate’s older sister, told this week’s First magazine: “Kate and I don’t think men like skinny, pointy, spikey women. She feels women should be allowed to be the natural shape they are without having to conform into some sort of image that is never going to be what their make-up is really about.”

Kate has always maintained that she is happy with her size 12 figure and her attitude reinforces her strong resistance to the pressures on female celebrities to become stick thin to succeed.

Digital image enhancing through airbrushing is the model industry standard. Not removing wrinkles, lengthening legs or reducing bottoms is virtually unheard of in the cosmetics industry. This is why Kate Winslet's stance is so unique and admirable.

The 31 year old actress will be fronting the company’s press campaign as well as appearing in a film ad for the perfume. Lancome also deserve some credit for agreeing to fight the trend and use natural images. Kate is seen at the presentation ceremony accepting her new position as ambassador for the fragrance wearing a stunning black evening dress - similar styles can be found for voluptuous women at

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