Thursday, 28 June 2007

The Amazing Diet Plate

A British made tool named the diet plate has recently been put to test in the US with amazing weight loss results.

A group of overweight people who also suffer from diabetes used the plate for 6 months and were able to lose weight and reduce the need for diabetes medication. The plate is designed to make portion measurement much easier - by showing portion sizes of carbohydrates, proteins, vegetables etc.

Of those who used the plate for six months, 17 percent lost 5 percent or more of their weight, an amount considered clinically important because it cuts risks of obesity-related conditions like heart disease and cancer. In the group that didn’t use the plate, fewer than one person in 20 lost a clinically important amount.

There are different plates for men and women and I think it is a great idea to give some transparency to what you are eating. Rather than rely on weight loss gimmicks, this will teach you long term habits which you need to eat a healthy balanced diet. this has many health benefits other than weight loss.

To the many women out there who would like to lose a few pounds it may be worth a try, and if you drop a dress size you can celebrate with a brand new wardrobe from

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