Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Average woman's weight yo-yo's by 26 stone in their lifetime

New research by Tanita has shown that the average British woman will put on a staggering 15.5 stone in their lifetime and lost 10 stone. This means an average fluctuation of 26 stone caused by yo yo dieting - the equivelant of 10 shopping bags full of fat!!!

The research showed that 78% of women worry about their weight and 20% say it is constantly on their mind with half of these weighing themselves daily!Clearly we are a nation obsessed with our image - yet we progressively put on weight! If as a nation we were less weight obsessed maybe we would all be a little healthier and probably a whole lot happier. A healthy diet and regular exercise will make you feel great and will allow your body to find it's own optimum weight, we are all built differently and some of us aren't designed to fit the new size '0'.

So what are the reasons behind these extraordinary figures...

Most state that the reason they diet is clothes not fitting right, other reasons are a forthcoming holiday or a spiteful comment. We all like to look our best so it is understandable that women want a wardrobe they can look great in, but is it necessary to starve for this pleasure? Not any more. You can look great if you shop to your shape. Try Curvety.com for some great wardrobe ideas that wont involve a week of cabbage soup!

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