Monday, 12 February 2007

Anna Nicole Smith - Fridge proves she had issues

Anna Nicole Smith died on Thursday, aged 39, after being discovered unconscious in her hotel room. The cause of death is not yet confirmed, however everyone has an opinion and the general consensus is drug related. has discovered a photo of the inside of Anna Nicole's fridge in the hotel that she was staying in. They say they have 100% verified that the photo is authentic. The photo was taken after she died and the contents and possible consequences are shocking. For those of you who aren't aware, Anna Nicole is a spokesperson for controversial diet pill TRIMSPA after reportedly losing 69lbs using the product. So it is no surprise that next to the fridge are several bottles of TRIMSPA. However - finding a number of cans of slimfast inside was more telling.

Alongside the slimfast was miracle 2000 (marketed as a nutritional supplement for 'today's active lifestyle', French's Worcestershire Sauce, yogurt and spray butter. This mix of diet supplements and 'almost foods' paint a very bleak picture of the daily fight that Anna Nicole underwent to maintain a figure she was happy with.

One of the most shocking finds was methadone as autopsy reports showed that her son had died from a combination of the methadone drug in his system only 5 months earlier. Another surprising find in the fridge was several vials of medication that appeared usable by injection only.

Ironically, Anna Nicole's role model was Marilyn Monroe, the original voluptuous icon who died of a drug overdose at age 36 in 1962.

It goes to show that being happy with who and what you are is the most important thing. Entering into the unknown world of quick fixes to maintain what you perceive as the ideal outward persona is not only psychologically damaging - it may well be that it can kill you! I for one would like to lose weight but intend to do it the safe and tested way and in the mean time I can get the sultry voluptuous look without the health issues

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