Monday, 1 November 2010

Inverted triangle!

Being an inverted triangle doesn't sound very sexy, but with your strong shoulders, narrow hips and slim legs, it's considered to be one of the most desirable body shapes and is often seen on athletes and models.

If you have an inverted triangle body shape you are top heavy. You have proportionally broad shoulders, large bust and narrow hips. You most likely are a long legged vertical body shape with proportionally slim legs, you may also have a flat bottom.

Here are some DO’s and DONT’s for this shape and what we would recommend.


Tops: When it comes to tops, look for details that will soften your shape. A waterfall neckline with ruffles will draw attention towards your cleavage, and away from strong shoulders. Wrap tops are perfect for inverted triangles, especially if you have a fuller bust. Print can help add bulk and volume to your lower half, drawing the focus away from a broader upper body. We recommend the RENNIE TOP IN STEEL which is only £20.

Bottoms: flowing fabrics and flared bottoms are ideal for your body shape. As this will help make you body look in all the right proportions. We would recommend the BELIZE TROUSERS which are £60.

When looking for skirts go for a ¾ length with or without split or a crease in the front which will make you look taller, help thin your body shape and make you look gorgeous.

Dresses: Go for a dress similar to the style of tops listed. Any dress that flows from the waist is guaranteed to flatter! Also wrap dresses are a big yes. We recommend the ESTRELLA GOWN which is £185. This gorgeous evening dress is available in black, hyacinth and red.

Stay away from any bulky or stiff fabrics. Also keep away from the styles of clothes that will emphasize your shoulders.

We also say high necklines, big collars, tampered skirts and bottoms are a big no.

By Kelsey Knowles.

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