Thursday, 21 October 2010


A diamond figure is where the waste is thicker than the shoulders and hips.

The best way to dress a Diamond figure is to add volume to the top of your body whilst minimising the bottom to create a waist. Stay away from tight clothing, a monochromatic look usually works best.
The diamond body shapes are the opposite of the Hourglass figure. It is your aim to create attention to your top half up, away from your tummy. Dressing a diamond figure is best done with clothing that creates balance. The best way to create perfect curves is to add volume to your shoulders and hips, also fitted clothing at the waist will make a big difference.
Here are some DO’s and DONT’s for this shape and what we would recommend.
Tops: Square cut neckline or low circular neck lined tops are the best to add volume to your shoulders without resorting to padded shoulders. Many blouses can be a big help, all you need to do is scrunch the sleeves and gather the extra fabric which can also create volume.

Another good style is an empire cut top. The bottom of the top appears in a upside down “V” shape which emphasizes your hips and downsizes your waist. Patterned tops, vertical buttons and seams will help slim down your waist.

We recommend: MAUI CONVERTABLE SUNRISE this gorgeous top is only £55.
Bottoms: Stick with bottoms that have simple pockets or no pockets at all. Straight jeans that fall straight down from your hip are the best for your figure.

A-line skirts are the most popular as it helps your body to look slimmer and here is one for only £54, the RUBY DENIM SKIRT.

Dresses: A dress with an A-line skirt yet again is the best option for your figure and belted if possible. We recommend the FLIRTATIOUS SUN DRESS. This is the perfect dress for your figure. The belt underneath the bust will add more volume to your bust and shoulders, this will give your body all the curves you’ve ever dreamed of and is currently on sale for £63.75.

Stay away from tight T-shirts, tops with a large print and high necklines are not flattering for the Diamond body shape.
Anything pleated from the waist.
A one colour dress or printed dress as it will make you look bigger not smaller.

By Kelsey Knowles

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