Thursday, 16 September 2010

New York Fashion Week Embraces Curves

New York fashion week finally accepts curves with their first ever plus size fashion show.

After many years of seeing stick thin women strutting down the catwalk, the rise in popularity of plus size women has made this change.

New York fashion week are holding the first ever show featuring only fuller figured ladies. This is thanks to the U.S. fashion company that will be providing lots of outfits to plus sized models including Toccara Jones and Lizzie Miller.

They have said their aim is to prove that curvy women are as equal and beautiful and as fashionable as their thinner counterparts and that New York fashion week is the place to do it.

Former model Miss Miller was pictured in a fashion magazine in a pair of skimpy pants, her healthy skin and her belly on show. However this was the start of a new group of ladies in the modelling industry.

Many top designers including Marc Jacobs and Prada have now included fuller figured women in there shows for autumn this year.

Curvety are proud to support this change in the New York fashion show’s catwalk line up and hope to see many more plus size representatives in the future.

Written by Shaniece Aldred

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Anonymous said...

You should probably post a plus size picture if you're going to talk about plus size women. This woman is not a plus size in any fashion. Sure she has a small belly that is not a 6 pack, but she is not a plus size.