Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Let the Fat Bashing Begin

The film "precious" has been a big hit & plus size star Gabourey Sidibe has received much praise for the role with oscar nominations to boot, she looked amazing in a beautiful marchesa gown on the night.

With every rise comes a fall in the world of celebrity, and unfortunately it was only a matter of time before the fat bashing began.

Howard Stern, a top US presenter has publically been so rude about Sidibe that I cannot bare to repeat it, but the general consensus of his outburst is that she has no future, as what other role could possible suit her. Fortunately he has already been proven wrong as Sidibe is already lined up for a number of new roles & I am sure has a great future ahead of her.

I have also heard rumours of a diet pill company contacting Sidibe, asking her to use their product to lose weight. Now, if she WANTS to lose wieght then that's fine, and completely down to her, but why is it presumed that she cannot possible be happy as she is?

I've said it before, and no doubt will say it again, but why is it still ok to prejudice because of weight when no other type of prejudice is (quite rightly) acceptable? Would Stern have been so forthright with his opinion had he been talking about an actor with a disability for example?

How will it ever be possible for "normal" to become the norm on our screens when there is such a backlash to anything which represents this. Why should all leading ladies look like Angelina Jolie - is this real?

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