Monday, 23 March 2009

Farewell Jade

I am genuinely upset by the sad news of this weekend. I am a similar age to Jade and feel, as many do, that I knew her due to her life played out in the public eye. It also definitely reminds you of your own mortality.

The British public have had a love hate relationship with Jade Goody over the years but nobody can deny that her time in the public eye has been eventful and in many ways inspiring.

The young girl with a lot of heart & soul, but not famed for her intelligence. From day one Jade was determined to work her 5 minutes of fame, and work it she did. How many other BB entrants can claim to have had her success? If you ask me that takes a savvy and determination that not many can boast.

Jade has had highs and lows and was never embarassed to live her life in front of the camera. She really gave all to the British public which is why some found her so endearing and others found her hard to stomach. Whatever your views there is no doubt that she was a devoted mother, who even in her last days and hours, was determined to provide for her children and give them a start in life that she wasnt lucky enough to receive.

Whatever you personal view on Ms Goody, it is a sad day when a young woman departs the world leaving two young children, and a life left unlived. Cancer is tragic in any circumstance, and plagues most families at one time or another, but when one so young is not spared it really makes you think. Lets hope that Jade's legacy is a greater understanding of this terrible disease, and that her tragic story played out in the public eye will be responsible for saving the lives of other young women throughout the UK.

My heart goes out to Jade's family and her two boys.

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