Saturday, 25 October 2008

Jennifer Hudson's Family Murdered

Oscar winning plus size actress Jennifer Hudson's mother & brother were shot dead and her 7-year-old nephew is missing.

Hudson's brother in-law William Balfour, 27, is suspected of the shootings & was arrested Friday night but he has not been charged according to news reports. Balfour is married to Jennifer's sister but they are said to be separated.

To make matter worse Balfour's stepson, seen in the picture, is missing.

Hudson's mother was shot in her living room at her house in Chicago, according to the police. Hudson's brother Jason Hudson, 29, was found in a bedroom.

Jennifer Hudson won an oscar for her amazing performance in Dreamgirls and is a role model representing curvy women in the world of celebrity, where the pressure to conform to stereotype is immense. My heart goes out to Jennifer when she must be enduring the hardest days of her life.

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