Monday, 7 July 2008

Natalie Cassidy's Diet Secrets

I'm sure many of you will remember Natalie Cassidy, who was long standing character Sonya Jackson in Eastenders. Sonya departed to start a new life last year, giving Natalie the chance to dip her toe into new projects.

In her documentary shown on BBC 3 Natalie followed a number of 'fad diets' taken from popular womens magazines, with mixed results - none of which were positive.

It was revealed in the program that many of the celebs who supposedly endorsed these diets had actually never used them. Magazines are promoting the message - YOU MUST BE THIN, then publishing ridiculous 'celebrity endorsed' diets to sell more copies.

There are 239 women's magazines published in the UK so there is hot competition to gain sales. As pointed out in the program, children as young as 8 are reading these magazines which encourage an unhealthy perspective on weight and a negative attitude to larger sizes. They push diets that may not be nutritionally sound and give false accolades from popular celebrities to make it seem ok.

Impressionable young teens are reading these celeb diets and are encouraged to follow them with out knowing what the long term health risks are.

If magazines were pushing smoking, drinking or drug abuse the governing bodies would step in and put an end to it. Isn't it time that the diet industry was given the same treatment?

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