Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Fashion Sweatshop Documentary

TV presenter & ex model Alexa Chung has set up a sweatshop for a shocking look into the world of High Street fashion.

Set up in London's trendy Covent Garden - the aim is to show the gruelling conditions of workers in Asian factories who earn just 15p an hour making clothes for well-known labels in the UK.

Conditions are based on evidence obtained about factories in the Far East. 15 volunteers who are all fans of budget shopping, are working 60 hours each over a period of five days.

Alexa, 24, said: 'I love affordable fashion but I'm questioning the real price of £2 T-shirts and £8 dresses.

'I wanted to experience the reality of conditions in some of the Asian factories that supply our retailers - and it's an eye-opener.'

At Curvety.com the majority of the clothing available is made in USA, and under fair conditions so you can purchase with peace of mind!

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