Monday, 7 April 2008

Curvy Celebrity Pressure

It seems to me that whenever a plus size, or curvier woman in the public eye is praised for being a good role model representing 'normal' women in the UK and portraying a 'normal' body shape, suddenly they feel an overwhelming urge to lose loads of weight!

Sophie Dahl, Nigella Lawson, Lily Allen, Fern Britton & Geri Halliwell are all guilty of drastic slimming following a stint in the public eye as an ambassador for curves. Most of these women have not only had positive press about their figure, but have personally & publically announced that they are proud of their bodies. Take Nigella Lawson for example, who only two months ago told 'The Telegraph' that she was happy with her curvier figure, saying 'I'm very glad that I don't have that skinny straight-up-and-down shape'. Two months on and She has reportedly hired a personal trainer to get her into shape!!!

As with most things, with the good come the bad - and in media land the bad can be down right harsh. So for every positive story these women will find about themselves, I am sure they are notified of another which frankly blows a hole in their self esteem.

Take the recent publicity surrounding Chloe Marshall for example. Although most stories and comments about the first plus size Miss England entrant have been very positive and supportive - there is always one or two spiteful opinions thrown in to rock the boat. Lets hope that Chloe doesn't feel the pressure to conform to the unhealthy size zero trend because of this coverage.

I could say that these women should ignore these comments, but I can imagine how hard it is dealing with such a personal attack, and what it must do to your confidence. If they were murderers they would expect to receive bad press, but just for your weight - why?

It needs to stop.

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