Thursday, 27 March 2008

Curvety on BBC Radio Tees

This morning I had the pleasure of appearing on BBC Radio Tees to talk about Curvety & my views on Chloe Marshall, the first ever size 16 Miss England finalist.

It was a pleasure to put my opinions across to the North of England, and do my little bit in promoting real women in the fashion and modelling industries. Although very pleased, I am also a little surprised by the effect Chloe has had on the public.

For the first time in as long as I can remember it seems that the more curvy among us have someone to get behind and support in an industry usually lacking in larger representatives. It also seems to have given curvy women a bit of a boost, and the energy to stand up and say 'I'm proud of who I am'.

In my opinion one of the reasons is that it is the first time a real size women has appeared in DIRECT competition (and won) to traditional entrants - rather than in a special 'plus size' alternative competition.As i've said before, Chloe looks to be a perfect role model. She should be very proud of the stir she has caused!

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