Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Hooray for Online Shopping

As a long time convert to the joys of online shopping, I was not surprised to find out that more and more of you are starting to agree.

Fashion is now second only to books when it comes to shopping online, according to the latest Nielsen Global Online Survey published in December. It is the fastest growing area of any e-commerce category, with about 36 percent of Internet users saying they had bought clothing, accessories or shoes online in the three months before the survey. This is a huge increase from the 20 percent who reported doing so only two years before.

Britain, Germany and the United States had an especially high number of online fashion shoppers, with slightly more than 40 percent of the users reporting online purchases.

Ebay is still the most visited website, in general and for fashion shopping. But the growth of the market has meant there is a budding array of interesting boutique style websites which offer each niche as rich a shopping experience as the standard size 10 teen receives on the high street. This is the case for plus sizes, with great stores such as giving more choice in a market where shoppers would traditionally struggle.

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