Wednesday, 6 February 2008

5 Steps to a Healthier Fashion Week

I am as excited as the rest of you about the forthcoming London Fashion Week. However, for plus size women like myself, it is always slightly tainted due to the lack of acceptance of curvy women in the high fashion industry & the continued promotion of super skinny on the catwalk.

With the ongoing issues surrounding the size zero debate, Susan Ringwood, CEO of Beat, the UK’s leading eating disorders charity, issues a challenge to the fashion industry to ensure the health of its models this fashion week.

Ringwood's plea - “Progress has been made through the Kingsmill Inquiry, to look at the overall industry and take steps to protect those working within it. We would urge the fashion world to follow through the recommendations made by the Inquiry and issue the following call to action:


Five steps that everyone can take – no matter where or how they are involved in the fashion industry:-

1. Raise awareness – get informed about eating disorders and understand the risks. Change working practices to help reduce the risks involved.

2. Demonstrate diversity – in shape and size as well as ethnicity and age. Challenge the narrow aesthetic.

3. Take an ethical stance – make a commitment to supply chain integrity. Translate lessons from fair trade to make fashion healthy.

4. Build resilience – in the young people employed in the industry and those influenced by it. Help people understand the pressures and how to reduce them.

5. Celebrate creativity – fashion is aspirational. The creativity that drives it should be life affirming – not potentially deadly.”

Great points well made from Beat. For further information visit If, like me, you celebrate your curves & believe that plus size fashion should be as fresh & exciting as mainstream, then check out

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