Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Walk The Catwalk Campaign

Plus size models Diane Pellini and Liis Windischmann are responsible for a new campaign called 'Walk the Catwalk' which aims to make people re think fashion.

This campaign's goal is to bring curves back into what people think of as mainstream and change the philosophy that led to ultra-skinny models appearing on the runways. As Liis and Diane point out - they are there because the designers samples are made to fit them. 'Strengthening the fashion industry by broading its foundations is the answer.'

The website contains a number of resources for companies, shops, designers and the general public to use as a guide to start making those small steps needed to change the stereotypes.

There is a long way to go before the industry will accept such a change, however with the growing number of specialist sites such as Curvety.com now available we are definitely heading in the right direction of size acceptance for all.

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