Monday, 16 July 2007

Curvy Fern Britton turns 50

As tomorrow is the her 50th birthday I wanted to pay homage to Fern Britton, one of my favourite UK plus size celebrities.

Fern is a wonderful role model for women throughout the UK as she truly comes across as someone comfortable in her own skin. She always looks fabulous because she dresses well & looks content with who she is, weight included.

She is a beautiful woman who has a large male fan base, plus a scrummy celebrity chef husband. Fern is well liked and admired by colleagues, friends and the general UK public, both for personality and presenting ability. Isn't that a more healthy role model than the super slim icons who encourage eating disorders in young women?

Fern has typically been criticised in celebrity magazines and newspaper columns about her weight and body image after photographs of her emerged on holiday in a swimming costume. Fern hit back at the abuse she received saying 'I would rather be big and happy than on a diet and miserable'.

Fern also seems to love an opportunity to dress up and has been seen in some of the sexiest plus size eveningwear I have seen. You can get a similar look at

Keep it up Fern, you look fab at fifty!

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