Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Building the perfect plus size wardrobe

When shopping most women buy single items that catch their eye rather than an antire outfit, which can be expensive to buy all at once. But have you ever got home to find that the special item you bought doesn't quite match anything in your wardrobe?

This is why building a selection of good basics is essential. One special item will be enough to make it look like you've spent a fortune on each and every shopping trip.

Firstly, stock up on good quality underwear in black and white. Make sure a couple have pretty straps which you wouldnt mind showing off with certain outfits.

Invest in a selection of different coloured basic cami tops which can be worn under cardigans and jackets, they will also be useful for layering.

Select a couple of pairs of jeans in varying shades in a shape that suits you but isn't high trend. jeans can be dressed up or down easily which makes them very versatile.

It is essential to have a pair of black trousers, and a skirt. Both can be used for every occasion from interview to party.

I love shoes and buy many pairs each season but find it is always best to have 3 basic pairs throughout the year. One pair of flats, a pair of heels and some boots.

Once you have these basics you will be able to buy that perfect high fashion top that you fall in love with feeling safe in the knowledge that you will be able to wear it again and again and always look like you've splashed out on a whole new outfit.

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