Friday, 18 May 2007

Plus sizes wanted for Mika''s new video

Mika is releasing a new song which is anti size zero. The song is called 'Big Girl (You are beautiful)' and he is looking for a number of plus size men and women to be a part of the video. If you want to take part the casting is tomorrow!!

Here is the press release…

Calling all REAL Men and Women - Would you like to be in the next Mika video? Popstar Mika (of Grace Kelly fame) is desperate for real men and women who are anti size zero to appear in his next video.

Date: Saturday 19th May 2007-05-17
Time: All Day (TBC)
Location: Central London Park (TBC)

If you are interested please contact;

State your names, mobile numbers and email addresses of all those coming (Feel free to bring partners, just let us know who’s coming) We will then contact you with all the details.

They are promising a great day out to all who attend so get your glad rags on and enjoy a pro curves celebration day. Need a new outfit?? Try

How refreshing that Mika would use his position in the public eye to campaign for healthier views on body image!!

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