Monday, 2 April 2007

Spring/Summer fashion trends perfect for plus sizes

This season's fashion trends seem to be a match made in heaven for the fuller figure! This is something that doesn't often happen, and as a larger lady I often find myself compromising between the latest fashions and what looks good.

The shops are full to the brim with tunic tops. Often fitted to the bust but looser below and long enough to cover trouble spots such as tummies and bums! There is a lovely selection at plus size clothing specialist

If like me you carry weight round your tummy and are broad round the back but have fairly slim legs and bum you can pair a really pretty tunic tops with a pair of leggings - I find this look really slimming!

If you are more bottom heavy with lovely curvy waist and smaller back and chest you could try this seasons fab choice of dresses instead. The maxi dress is a particular favourite in a bright pattern, but avoid anything without structure as it may have the tent effect if it has no shape.

Whatever your shape you will definitely be able to find something to suit you this summer. Things are looking up for voluptuous women!

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