Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Big girls with talent wanted

It seems yet another talent search is on, but this time with a twist. Real Girl Band are putting together a new girl band - but all potential members must be a size 16 + !!

Here is what their website says...'For too long the music industry has been dominated by unrealistic and unhealthy pencil thin singers and dancers. We want to take back the stage and give it to real girls and women. Plus is the band the world has been waiting for. A real girls band made up of real females who aren't afraid to say 'we're plus size, we’re beautiful and we can sing.'

After watching Lakisha visibly shrink week by week on American Idol this is something close to my heart. Why is it that as soon as you are in the public eye there is pressure to lost those extra pounds! Isn't it much healthier to promote the ability to be happy with what you have?

Although I feel that an exclusively plus size band may be the other end of the scale (excuse the pun), it's great to see that larger ladies get a chance to be in the limelight for the right reasons for a change! If you fancy entering visit Real Girl Band but be sure to pick up a fab new outfit for the auditions at Curvety.com

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