Tuesday, 6 March 2007


Jen Hunter has already proved her popularity with the general public through her success as the final woman in Five's show, Make Me A Supermodel. But she could never have guessed the waves she would make in the fashion industries current super skinny model debate.

Her vital stats are impressive: 6'0 tall and although she's just lost two inches from her waist, she weighs around 11 stone and remains a size 12.

The show's judges saw her as a thorn in their side and her size 12 figure was ridiculed on the programme. She was called stocky, lazy and greedy. But ordinary woman throughout the country were disgusted by this promotion of anorexia as judges drooled over the bony figure of fellow competitor Marianne Berglund, a US size zero, equivalent to a UK size four.

The nastiness reached its low-point when judge Tandy Anderson, boss of a model agency, laughed when Jen was knocked out. 'Originally I thought I'd been put in for a reason, I thought they were going to be positive about my size. Now I'm not sure whether I was put in as a token gesture'.

If that was the judges' plan it backfired. While Jen admits she felt depressed inside the house where the show was filmed, outside and unknown to her, public support was growing. When she was voted the winner in the female category, she couldn't believe it.

Now, with politicians, designers and high street stores following her lead, Jen has hit out at the TV show's presenter, Rachel Hunter, and says she hopes the changes being demanded of the industry aren't a flash in the pan.

She said: 'I'm hoping that what I have gone through has helped change beliefs and I am praying that it's going to carry on changing. It would be a shame for the size zero debate to be a flash in the pan, we wouldn't have achieved enough if it stopped now.'

After the show Jen had problems finding a mainstream modelling agency that would take on a size 12. 'There were 'plus size' agencies keen to sign me up but I thought that went against what I was trying to stand up for. Then I was really lucky to join Cape London, who are promoting me in a positive way and not as plus-size or anything else other than a fashion model.'

Most recently Jen was signed as the face of the new Nokia fashion phone and hopes to continue promoting healthy body image. I'm sure she will continue to play an important role in the current size debates.

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